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1451 Stillwater Blvd, Stillwater, MN 55082

Tanning equipment at this location:

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Level 3 Tanning


Our entry level tanning equipment are high quality level 3’s at a level 1 price, this includes access to our level 3 laydowns and standups.  Our laydown beds include facial lamps and fans to keep you cool and comfortable. Our stand ups, at no additional cost, allow for a more even tan, reaching the more difficult areas to tan, such as under the arms and pressure points.

Level 3 Beds

Sonnenbraune Diva Tower
UWE Lotus


Level 4 Tanning

Our level 4 laydowns are the perfect upgrade to get more color instantly. These laydowns have more features for you to enjoy. There are some side tanners, shoulder tanners, air conditioning, body mist, stronger lamps, and some that contour to your body to relieve pressure points to give you an even looking tan.

Level 4 Beds

UWE Silver Bullet SE
UWE Cayenne


Level 5 High Pressure Tanning

Our best tan at the highest level 5 will give you the best, longest looking tan imaginable. These beds filter out the majority of the burning rays and give you a darker tan. With our level 5 beds you see a deeper, richer tan faster, and obtain a better tan with fewer sessions.

Level 5 Beds

Matrix  L33


Spray Tanning

norvellautorevplusUV-Free Tanning at Totally Tan is a fast and easy alternative to traditional tanning beds, providing a uniform and natural-looking cocoa-bronze tan in less than five minutes.


 Norvell Spray Booth


Red Light Collagen Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a safe and effective way to help improve the appearance and health of your skin. Improving oxygenation and detoxification of the skin, Red Light Therapy has been linked to a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines, scarring from acne, stretch marks and more.

Red Light Therapy Stand Up