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Hi guys! Your Regional Manager asked me to go to Coon Rapids to check out the VENETIAN spray tan! I’m a spray tan member – and signed at your location (just a 1/2 mile from my house!) – BUT – now that I’ve had the Venetian spray level 11 @ coon rapids – I cannot go back to regular spray tans again!

The violet undertones work magic on my fair, freckled, red-undertone skin! The product itself has a nice smell (instead of the usual stink of the standard spray) & during spray – this particular session had a spray & then a run of air through the nozzle – I left without feeling sticky/drippy, etc! Less product + new shade = more natural.

Please please please get this at your location & save me the drive!! Can I get updated with you get it somehow to email/phone number?

– Amanda

Just wanted to say thanks. Amber at the Albertville location always greets me by name and makes me feel like I’m an important customer. I always leave learning something new and feel appreciated as a customer. Thanks for always making my experience awesome.

– Chip, Andover

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you guys that you’re doing great because everytime I’m in the salon the girls are so friendly and helpful this really nice and really nice place to go relax.

– Sheryl Graybill, Coon Rapids

Totally tan brings something different to the tanning industry. I have seen effective means of communication along with kindness from all employees at the salon I go to from time to time. They are willing to help you and meet your needs, but don’t try to oversell anything to you. I love the cleanliness of the entire salon, and how much help you are given when you ask a question or need assistance. I like all the promotions, specials, and deals that go on very frequently. From food drives and prom packages, to just a regular two week pass, give options to customers in general, not only monthly members. I love that about this salon. There’s something for everyone no matter what type of budget, schedule, or lifestyle. My only suggestion is do more things like this, have a week of fun games to enter, like a raffle perhaps. Winning tanning lotion or a free tan would be awesome, and would be very hard to not invite your friends to. Thankyou for all the great experiences, wish I could come in more often but I’ll see you soon. T.H.

– Trianna Hoppe, Blaine

I absolutely love Totally Tan ! The staff is fantastic and the salon is always clean and pleasant. I was a manager at a competitor and the Plymouth location is exactly the way I liked my salon to look. Jasmine is outstanding. She was the person who did our tour before we joined Totally Tan . To be honest she was one of the reasons we decided to become a club member. The other was the wonderful referal we received from friends who tan there as well.

– Michele, Plymouth

I love the spray tan, it isnt too dark and it doesnt rub off on my clothes like other spray tans do. I would love it if you could combine red light therapy and spray tan in one convenient session, i prefer stand up to lying down for light sessions.

Thank you, R.P.

– R.P.

The first time I ever went tanning was at Totally Tan in St. Francis, per recommendation by a friend. The customer service and high quality facilities were very impressive. Since then, I have shopped around at other tanning salons who compare themselves to Totally as being “cheaper”, but with their lower price comes a lesser quality experience. Totally Tan seems to be the best option in this part of the state. I enjoy the state of the art tanning equipment, as well as the ability to use my tanning package at any of your locations. I personally recommend your salons to all my friends for these reasons and I can’t wait for my next tanning experience with Totally.


– Mitchell, St. Francis

Hi I tan at your Andover and Coon Rapids locations and just wanted to tell you what a nice store that you have, its always clean, very rarely have to wait and the girls are always friendly. It is so easy for people to complain and say bad things and not good things.


Peggy Sue Nothaft

– Peggy Sue Nothaft, Andover

I just went to tan on my lunch and I spoke to Teresa about switching lotions to hopefully reduce breakouts and get more color. She was not only friendly (she always is) but she went above and beyond to make sure I got everything I needed. I bought new lotion and tried the level 5 bed based on her suggestions and I feel fantastic! I love the bed, the lotion and the results. I love going to the Brooklyn Park location and I truly feel like Teresa sets a great example that the rest of the girls follow to make tanning a very pleasant experience. Thank you!

– Jessica, Brooklyn Park

I just wanted to write and tell you how great the service is at the Albertville salon. Christie, the manager, is absolutely awesome! She always remembers my name, is super friendly, and seems to genuinely enjoy being there. It is so nice to see exceptional customer service from a business. All of the other girls are friendly as well, and I love going in the salon knowing I will be waited on promptl and courteously. It is also the cleanest, most up-to-date salon I have ever used, and I just wanted to say thanks to Christie and the Albertville Totally Tan for such excellent customer service.

– Lindsay, Albertville

I am writing this letter to let you know how delightful it is to go into your Albertville location. I had a home in Rochester and one in Rogers and I flip homes around the metro area so at one time I had a tanning package in St. Paul, Rochester and Maple Grove. I then went into your Albertville location and came across the little blonde manager (I apologize I forgot her name at the moment). What a treat to deal with someone as nice and friendly as her. As I have since found out the entire staff at this location is unbelievably nice. In today’s world it seems uncommon to find friendly help but this location has nailed it. I no longer tan at the other locations. It’s worth it to make the drive out to Albertville. I live in Rogers and have recommended to all of my friends in Rogers to drive the extra couple of miles to Albertville and happily some are now doing so. I have never encountered such an entire friendly staff at any other tanning salon. In today’s world where everyone likes to complain. I thought you should know how GREAT your staff in Albertville is. KUDOS to them all. If your company has an incentive program of any kind than these gals all deserve extra credit and if not, they at the very least should be recognized for their efforts. I don’t know if this manager does the training or not, but if so, she should be promoted to train your entire fleet. Thank you!

– Julie, Albertville

I wanted to let you guys know that not only do I love your salon in Albertville, but I love the staff you have there even more. I work and go to school full time. I am exhausted in my days, but I always make time to tan after my long days. I always am greeted with a smile and asked how my day was. I’ve been to many salons and even though they may ask the same questions at times, it is never as genuine as this staff. And I am not the only one who feels this way in our small town. Everyone knows this salon in St.Michael/Albertville and everyone knows this salon, because of the fantastic staff you have there! And even on a day I have off, I still make the effort to get out of my house to not just get a little tanner, but to have the nice contact of your employees that work there! I always feel appreciated and welcomed and I wanted to let you know, I am officially a committed customer to your salon through your fantastic staff and service. Way to go Albertville!

– Kaitlin, Albertville

I recentlly moved to Big Lake and joined our VIP Club. I just want you to know that as a former tanning salon manager myself that your Big Lake salon far exceeds my expectations. This is one of the cleanest salons I have been to. The staff is knowledgable on all questions I had and most of all your beds and bulbs are amazing! I am one happy customer!

– Janel, Big Lake

I had a GREAT experience as being a first time visitor to your location. I enjoyed the girl at the front desk who helped me, she explained the spray tan booth in total detail. I had a great spray tan experience as I was worried to begin with, until the girl put my mind at ease that the tan would be even and I would not have any problems. She was right! I love the tan!!! I will continue to use your spray tan option as well as the regular booth sessions. Make sure that she knows that she treated me with excellent customer service!!

– Tanya, Coon Rapids

I must say I’m very impressed. Having worked at a tanning salon before that bragged about itself Totally Tan has surpassed my expectations. The beds are incredible and I’ve never seen so dark of color so quickly without burning! The customer service is great as well always smiling always helpful! It was definitely a good investment.

– Rachel, Golden Valley

Last night was the first time I’ve visited a Totally Tan . I was greeted promptly by Leah and received amazing customer service! She was incredibly knowledgable, gave a great tour, went over beds, prices, and lotions with me. She was extremely personable and friendly and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful asset she is to your company. I’m not sure what her long-term career plans are but she would be amazing in any sort of sales or marketing position. I’m rarely impressed by anyone in customer service and was blown away by Leah’s professionalism and performance. Congratulations on having such wonderful staff!

– Kelly

I was in to your Brooklyn Park location for a Mystic Tan. One of your saleswomen, Heidi, helped me. I have to say that the customer service I experienced was the best I have had in a VERY long time. She advised me of all of my options though was not pushy in selling me something I wasn’t interested in, I appreciated that. Also, she showed me exactly how to use the Mystic machine w/o making me feel stupid since I have not used it before. She also answered all of my questions I had. I have to say, I will for sure be returning to Totally Tan , and will be recommending it to all of my friends thanks to Heidi and the customer service she exhibited. Thank you!

– Amanda, Brooklyn Park

I think you should know that the two ladies that were working the front desk last Saturday when I joined and my first visit to the salon were outstanding young ladies to deal with. They helped me to find a package and a lotion that would work for me. I really appreciate the effort they put in to help me find something that would work because I was clueless on what I needed. Again thank you and them for helping me out above and beyond what they needed to do.

– Ben

I just wanted to shout some Kudos for Brianna and your establishment. 1st to Brianna, since she really did an awesome job welcoming me with her warm, bubbly, kind, informative customer service experience. I’ve never been to a Totally Tan salon before. After seeing your coupon, I decided to call and get some info. Brianna answered the phone in a very warm, professional yet bubbly manner. Her willingness to help with information was refreshing. She hooked me, when she said that the salon would be open until 10 and she would show me the beds when I got there. After being a customer at other tanning salons, I was really impressed with Brianna’s friendliness and willingness to give me all the necessary details up front before I even considered to tan this evening. She was a very helpful sales person with showing me all the potential products that I could receive a discount on with my new customer discount coupon. Kudos to the salon and tanning beds. They both are so beautiful; it was really a wonderful experience. You can tell a lot of time and effort was given to make it such a lovely place. I really appreciate the pricing structure that you have for your tanning packages. The St Anthony location has a really wonderful feel about it. Thank you for providing an opportunity to voice my awesome experience with your establishment.

– Natalie, St. Anthony

Thank you! I do have to comment that your employees are VERY friendly and VERY helpful…always smiling and helpful even when I come in late at night. Thank you!! And good job!

– Karin, St. Francis

I have been meaning to send a letter to you in regards to the knowledgeable and friendly staff at your St. Francis location. Earlier this year I had started tanning and also tried your red light therapy and I was always treated very well and any questions I had were answered. The manager and staff I have to say are trained very well and are very professional. I will be    starting to tan again this fall and I am hoping to working with the same type of knowledgeable and professional staff as before.

– Curt, St. Francis

The violet undertones work magic on my fair, freckled, red-undertone skin! The product itself has a nice smell (instead of the usual stink of the standard spray) & during spray – this particular session had a spray & then a run of air through the nozzle – I left without feeling sticky/drippy, etc! Less product + new shade = more natural.

– Amanda, Coon Rapids

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No Appointments Necessary

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