12671 Meadowvale RD NW, Sutie B

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Sun Club 

For the Bronzing connoisseur, take your tanning to the next level with all access to our Premier sunbeds! Discounts on products, upgrades, and Spa sessions, plus the benefits of our E-Club. Guests who demand the best in tanning with envious results and convenience will love our Sun Club.

Sunless Club

For those who favor Spray Tans, our Sunless Automated Airbrush booth provides an even, streak-free, natural looking golden glow that will be sure to turn heads. Obtain a quick, easy, natural looking bronze tan, that is 2 to 3 shades darker. Our state-of-the-art automated sunless airbrush booth is designed to simulate the personalized touch of an handheld airbrush session while offering the privacy of an automatic spray booth. Receive discounts on Sunbed Tanning and Spa Sessions, plus enjoy the benefits of our E-Club offers. See Sunless Tanning Services for more information.

Celebrity Club

For Guests who enjoy the exclusive, full access Sun and Spa pampering experience, Celebrity Club Members are treated like royalty. Celebrity Club includes ALL of the above clubs, PLUS full access to all Sun-bed Tanning equipment including Premier, Ultimate, and Elite for that quicker, richer tan.

For a gorgeous Sunless Glow our Sunless Automated Airbrush Booth offers fine-mist technology. Enjoy an even, streak-free, natural looking golden glow that will be sure to turn heads. Obtain a quick, easy, natural looking bronze tan, that is 2 to 3 shades darker.

Renew, Relax, and Escape with Spa sessions. All equipment is clean, well maintained by our own maintenance crew, and located in private rooms for a soothing, personal experience. Our Spa sessions include the following:

Red Light Therapy: Reclaim your beautiful skin! Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles; Promote Collagen Production; Smooth Skin Tone; Minimize Scars and Acne* (*When used with Red Light products). Red Light Therapy is a warm, comforting experience that has numerous beneficial factors that reaches far beyond what we listed, with prominent researchers backing the positive results.

Total Body Enhancement: All the benefits of Red Light Therapy with the added benefits of Vibra Shape. Tone, tighten, and diminish the development of cellulite while wrapped in Red Light.

Infrared Wellness Therapy Pod: Burn Fat • Detoxify • Feel Great – The Infrared Wellness Therapy Pod is an advanced type of sauna that removes the reason why so many people dislike saunas – the oppressive heat. Your body is heated via infrared wavelengths making it more comfortable because the air around your face isn’t being heated. Relax & renew while breathing refreshing Himalayan salt air.  The end result is that your metabolic functions are increased, just as they are in the sauna, so you burn fat, eliminate toxins, and improve your circulation.  The Infrared Wellness Therapy Pod transforms every session into your own ultimate renewal wellness sanctuary.

Heated Dry Water Full Body Massage: It’s just that amazing! Our luxurious Aquafrixio Full Body Massage pampers sore muscles, improves muscle recovery time, soothes away stress while rejuvenating the body and soul. It can also enhance tanning results by stimulating blood circulation.
Rejuvenate, Relax and Escape.

In addition, for those who love the social atmosphere, Celebrity Friends Tan FREE. Plus, Extra Bonuses Include 25% off Products, 50% off Floats. Celebrity’s also receive occasion exclusive offers with our E-club. With all the additional perks, the Celebrity Club is truly our best deal wrapped up in Royal Luxury.

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Monday – Friday: 9am – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday:
10am – 6pm

No appointment necessary

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