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FAQ and Benefits

Vitamin D is essential to life. It is one of the most important immune system-strengthening nutrients that can reduce the risk of colds and flu. Sunlight allows us to make vitamin D. There are many powerful wellness benefits to getting some sun. Research has found that sunlight, through a mechanism separate from vitamin D, energizes T cells & plays an important role in human immunity. Sunlight also plays a massive role in overall wellness, mental & physical health. We feel now more than ever getting some sun is critical. Life Loves Sun… Soak it up!

Tanning Benefits

The sun has many beneficial health effects. We all know that the sun can make us feel happier and more relaxed. There is also some scientific evidence of other benefits.

Tanning FAQs

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions such as what to wear when tanning, how to keep your tan, how long it will take to see results, and many more.

Sunless Tanning Preparation & Maintenance

Preparation and maintenance for your sunless spray tan session – what you should do to guarantee natural looking “just off the beach” color.

Spray Tan FAQs

Find out what the Spray Tans, how to use it, how long it lasts, how long to wait after a session before taking a shower, and answers to many other questions about the Spray Tan.

Red Light FAQ

Discovered by NASA, red light penetrates to the bottom of your skin’s dermis layer and directly to the fatty layer. Red light stimulates fibroblast cells which boost the production of collagen and elastin proteins.