Our typical American diet often equals depression. Buying that muffin and a mocha every morning turns into 36 teaspoons of sugar in your body and creates brain stress. This choice can set you up for anxiety or even possible panic attacks. According to the University of Melbourne scientists, eating processed foods and other food items including sugar, white bread, pizza, and beer, increase your odds of depression by 52%! For a quick video, click here.

The other mood lifter is Vitamin D. Make sure you get Vitamin D every day. Your body makes Vitamin D when exposed to the sun. The next best option is a sunbed. Symptoms of low vitamin D levels include low moods and carb cravings.

There is also a connection between low moods and the amount of water you consume. Something as simple as a little dehydration can lead to depression. Drink up! It may extend our life and make your days brighter!