Unlike high blood pressure symptoms low blood pressure symptoms are easy to recognize. The only problem is these symptoms typically don’t show up until your pressure is really low!

What is a low blood pressure? Typically 90/60 that is constant. That means every time that blood pressure cuff (especially those automatic one that feels like your arm is being amputated )reads 90/60 most of the time.

Most recognizable symptoms are:

1.     Dizziness, or if you’re like me, feels a bit like your drunk

2.     Passing out

3.     Confused or difficulty concentrating (not just the 2pm kind) or a sense of “impending doom” or anxiety.

4.     Changes in breathing patterns. Fast shallow breathing is common during an episode of low blood pressure.

5.     Nausea

6.     Sudden onset of pale skin (you look pale!) or suddenly feeling cold or clammy.

ALL of these symptoms indicate that a visit to the doctor is in order BUT if you pass out or have ongoing dizziness you should be seen right away!

If you faint along with nausea, have chest pain, or any type of weakness or numbness in your body CALL 911. These symptoms are also common indicators for heart attack or stroke.