girl_with_wide_open_armsMany people are using a combination of Tanning and Red Light to alleviate symptoms of Psoriasis and keeping painful breakouts at bay. There are 9 things that folks with Psoriasis do that can actually worsen their condition but don’t know it.

Here they are:

  1. For many, drinking alcohol can make your skin itch like crazy due to the dehydrating effect of alcohol. If you drink alcoholic beverages make sure your water intake exceeds your alcohol intake.
  2. Smoking in general is bad for your health and while there have only been a few studies on cigarettes’ effect on Psoriasis symptoms, the results have shown it is worse for those who do smoke.
  3. Stress and Psoriasis go hand in had. For many, Psoriasis isthe body’s coping mechanism for dealing with stress. You must manage your stress if you want to manage your Psoriasis.
  4. Hot Showers dry your skin out, make it itchy and strip the natural oils in your skin – with Psoriasis you need all the oil you can get! Lukewarm is best and won’t leave you as itchy.
  5. Cold Weather is harsh for most Psoriasis sufferers in that cold weather dries out the skin and the constant layers of fabric over breakouts on the skin can induce itching, make it worse.
  6. Speaking of itching, your laundry detergent can be a major cause. Try switching to a fragrance fee brand or better still, fragrance fee and natural with no harsh chemicals to irritate your sensitive skin.
  7. Scratching that itch is the worse thing you can do! It takes a tremendous amount of willpower to not scratch. Scratching sets your nerve endings in relief mode but it’s only temporary. Scratching can lead to open sores, bleeding and infection. Resist the urge. Try to avoid using steroid crèmes that alleviate itch and try using Hempz oil products. They can be very soothing. Try on a small skin area and make sure you are sensitive to it.
  8. Take an allergy test. Allergens cause your immune system to overact and it’s not always red eyes and sneezing. Find out what may be your triggers for your Psoriasis.
  9. Heating up does two things. When you’re hot your body produces sweat and with that can come itching. Heating a too cold space also dries the air and dries our skin. If you’re cold, try more layers and invest in a good humidifier to keep moisture in the air.