We’ve always known this but now the Journal of Internal Medicine has published it; avoiding the sun is a risk factor for all-causes in human mortality

Exposure to sunlight and your skin tone determines your body’s production of Vitamin D, but there are also known risk factors for melanoma. There is now epidemiological evidence that all-cause mortality is related to low vitamin D levels.

This 20-year study for 29,518 Swedish women recruited from 1990 to 1992 provided detailed information on their sun exposure habits. Survival analysis was applied to all the data.

Of the 29,518 women, 2,545 died and the mortality rate was the highest with those individuals who avoided the sun – twofold higher compared to those who had the highest sun exposure!

This observational evidence that avoiding sun exposure is actually harmful to the health of women living in low solar countries. How can you fix that? Tanning in newer, higher level sunbeds responsibly to increase your body’s natural production of Vitamin D.