Don’t let SAD get you.

As winter continues many of us are bundled up and spending most of our time indoors dreaming of that summer sun. With our favorite outdoor activities on hold many of us will not get enough sunlight this winter. Lack of sunlight can cause SAD or seasonal affective disorder. SAD is a type of depression that is also known as the winter blues. This condition can sap our energy and cause moodiness.

How does this happen?

Direct sunlight causes a chemical reaction in our bodies that creates serotonin (a hormone linked to happiness and increased energy) and Vitamin D. Vitamin D not only helps in the retention of serotonin but also with a number of other key function such as bone health and immune function. However, when there is a lack of sunlight a much different chemical reaction takes place. When the optic nerves in our eyes do not pick up enough sunlight they tell our brains to create melatonin (the hormone that causes sleep). This is why on cold and rainy days we feel lazy and tired. This is why SAD (the winter blues) gets so many of us.

What can we do?

While we cannot fast forward to summer we can do the next best thing: artificial UV light. State of the art tanning beds can create the same effect in our bodies as the sun. Just a short dose of UV light from a top quality tanning bed can fight off SAD.  Contact us for more information.