I get that water is an underrated health miracle and if I just drank more of it my health would be greatly improved but it’s just so… boring and tasteless. What’s a person to do!

If that sounds like a version of you, try these easy fruit infused water combinations for natural detoxification and get your water too!

Cut up fruits or vegetables in slices or chunks and add to empty jar. Any leafy items can be torn up a bit before you put in jar. Lightly crush the items with a muddler or back of spoon then add 12 to 16 oz. of water.

  • Green tea + mint + lime for fat burning, digestion & headaches
  • Cucumber + strawberry + kiwi for blood sugar support & digestion
  • Cucumber + lemon + lime for Hydration, digestion & appetite control
  • Lime + Orange + lemon for Immune defense, digestion & heartburn

Note – the pictures are representational of suggested amount (i.e 1 cup of green tea with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime)

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