1. Bubble Level

Do a lot of DIY projects around the house? Do you hang photos, mirrors, or even the occasional cabinet and forget where your level is? Your iPhone has one built it. Just go to your compass app. Once you have it open swipe to the left. Now you have your very own nifty level.

2. Swipe for Back

iPhone has never had a back button and if you decide you don’t want to reach and click the ‘on screen’ back arrows you don’t have to. You can swipe right to go back a screen. If you are in a message to your bestie and want to back to the message list just wipe right on the screen. If you click on a post in Facebook and want to go back to your news feed, just swipe right and skip to the top of your screen.

3. Reduce Data Usage 

There are a lot of ways to reduce data usage pretty easily on the iPhone.

3a. Let’s start with Wi-Fi assistance. This setting allows your phone to use your cellular data when it thinks your Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough. To turn this off, go to Settings -> Cellular -> scroll all the way to the bottom and toggle off Wi-Fi assistance.
3b. While your still under your Cellular settings, look at your apps in the list. Start looking at the ones that you don’t need to use unless you’re on Wi-Fi. Best ones to turn off are games. Now that you have chosen the apps that you may not use often, swipe to the right and click on notifications.
3c. Once in notifications look at the apps you don’t need to hear from all day. Notifications use data to alert you of any changes. My suggestion is to turn off all besides your messenger, email apps, and maybe Facebook, Twitter, and Snap Chat. If you receive any text notifications from social media, I would suggest shutting off the notifications on your phone and only receive the texts.

4. Closing multiply apps at once

Sick of only closing one app at a time or need to hide what you were doing faster? Double click your home button to bring up the multi task view. Now that its open you can use three fingers to close three apps at once by swiping them up. It may take a few tries to get the three finger “swipe up” down, but it will make things disappear faster.

5. Set your Music to a timer.

Like listening to music before going to bed but hate the idea of it playing for 2 hours until the end of whatever playlist? Go ahead and start playing your favorite playlist. Now that its playing open your Clock and click on the timer and then where it says “When Timer Ends” click and scroll all the way to the bottom and choose “Stop Playing”. When the timer is done your music will stop. This will work with Pandora and Spotify also.