Most of us will go to extraordinary measures to reduce the effects of aging, battle acne, and cover up damaged skin. Some of us have bedtime and morning rituals that we consider integral in the effective treatment of our skin to achieve the desired outcome. An easier alternative may exist at your local tanning salon, and it is called Red Light Therapy.
The good news is you don’t have to take the effects of aging, acne, or other damaged skin laying down…actually, you can stand up if you’d prefer. Red Light Therapy can be done in a stand up bed or a laydown bed; the choice is yours. Either option should yield benefits within the first four weeks, including: diminishing fine lines, smoother skin, and the appearance of acne and scarring.
After the initial four weeks and within twelve weeks, Red Light Therapy should yield longer lasting results, like the improved overall oxygenation and detoxification of the skin, which will result in the formation of healthier skin. The anti-aging effects will really begin to take place in the appearance of tighter and less tired-looking skin, less wrinkles, stretch marks, and blemishes. The stand up version of Red Light Therapy features a side-alternating vibration effect that could assist in weight loss, providing an added benefit to your light therapy routine.
Red Light Therapy has been proven safe for all skin types, from the very fairest to the naturally more tanned. No noticeable side effects have been reported with its use. The recommended number of visits to successfully realize the best results possible is three per week for the first twelve weeks. After that, it is advised to have one visit per week for maintenance purposes.

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