In this 5 part series we are highlighting some of the most powerful foods that are really powerful medicines. Yes, I said medicines. Since time immemorial we have been using these 5 medicinal plants to both nourish and prevent/treat diseases.

The amazing part is you won’t need to travel to health food stores to get them; some are even in our own backyards. 

Our last food medicine that could save your life is a common spice considered as the world’s most important herb.

That herb is Turmeric. The spice has been revered for centuries for it’s healing properties in ancient Indian healing tradition.  

Turmeric has been scientifically documented to have over 500 applications in disease prevention and treatment. It has also been shown to modulate over 150 distinct biological and genetic pathways of value in health. Turmeric has a complexity that no other drug on the planet has been shown to possess.

Listed below are just the top 10 health conditions that Turmeric can benefit.

  • Oxidative Stress (160)
  • Inflammation (51)
  • DNA Damage (48)
  • Lipid Peroxidation (34)
  • Colorectal Cancer (24)
  • Breast Cancer (60)
  • Colon Cancer (52)
  • Chemically-Induced Liver Damage (34)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease (34)
  • Tumors (23)