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Automated Airbrush

The highest standards didn’t exist, so we created them

All Spray tan booths are not created equal. Step inside the Opulence Sunless Diamond Automated Airbrush System.

Opulence Sunless Diamond is a state-of-the-art automated sunless airbrush booth designed to simulate the personalized touch of handheld airbrush session while offering the privacy of an automatic spray booth.
Sunless Airbrush Tans look radiant and inspire confidence! They are a great way to wow family or friends at special events, weddings, vacations, reunions, interviews, or to simply jump-start, maintain, or boost a natural tan.

Totally Tan & Spa performed years of testing to give you the best formulation possible. Combining cutting-edge science with advanced skincare ingredients to ensure unparalleled airbrush results.
Unique to Totally Tan & Spa you won’t find this professional airbrush solution anywhere else in Minnesota. Discover why Totally Tan & Spa is the best choice for your next flawless airbrush session.

Special blend Opulence Edition skin perfecting luxury airbrush skincare solution

Intense Hydration • Skin Rejuvenation• Flawless Beauty

Organic DHA + Instant Bronzed Color
Allows for deep, bronzed, even color that last days longer than the competition.  While also providing immediate color to the skin for instant satisfaction.

Ginger Extract
Helps to improve circulation and promote cell renewal, while also increasing collagen production, evening skin tone, and perfecting the skin’s overall appearance.

Willow Bark Extract
Helps to reduce blemishes and excess oil, while working to sooth irritated skin.

After Airbrush Odor Eliminators
Helps to block the tell-tale “spray tan smell”, leaving you smelling clean and fresh.

Ginseng Extract
Works to energize the skin by making skin look brighter and promoting a more youthful appearance. Also helps to balance oil production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Walnut Extract
A natural bronzing agent that offers up healthy Omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen the membrane of your skin cells, while locking in moisture and nutrients that keep the skin plump and glowing. 

Aloe Vera Gel
Works to unclog pores and soften skin, while hydrating, nourishing, and providing anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E & C
High in moisturizing and healing benefits that helps seal in color so your tan last much longer.

Fragrance: Mandarin Mimosa

What To Expect From Our Sunless Automated System

• Only certified natural, vegan tanning solutions
• Opulence patented technology is the only booth on the market that moves horizontally delivering a flawless application that can’t be matched.
• Open air design with built-in-easy-to-breath system that removes overspray mist and offers a comfortable, full body, automated tanning environment.
• Custom Engineered Fine-Wide Spray Nozzle
• Delivering a flawless airbrush application
• No uneven streaks or marks
• Built in Auto-dry technology, drying with every pass to ensure optimal application.
• Automatic smooth & even flowing spray arm delivers the exact amount of sunless solution at every position for an even streak-free fabulous application.
• Heated environment for comfort & eliminating drying time in the booth.
• Automated Voice Commands guides guests through two easy positions for less human error. No complicated positions.

Did you know?
Over 90% of sunless complaints are human error.  Opulence Diamond Series is the most user friendly booth on the market.  Experience a true professional airbrush application in total privacy.