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Equipment and Services at this location:

All of our Tanning & Spa equipment feature the finest state of the art technology in the industry. Quality comes standard at Totally Tan & Spa with the highest intensity bronzing lamps available.

Premier Tanning

Our entry-level sun-beds and stand-ups are high quality level 3-4s at a level 1 price. Our Premier sun-beds feature adjustable facial lamps and full body ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable. Stand ups are available at no additional cost, allowing for a more even tan, reaching the more difficult areas to tan, such as under the arms and pressure points. Premier equipment use is like tanning 3-5 times in a level 1 or 2 bed delivering faster, time saving results, at a much better value. These beds will give you deep, dark color.

Ultimate Tanning

Our Ultimate sun-beds are a phenomenal option to receive deeper, darker results. These sun-beds are loaded with features and benefits you won’t find anywhere else including side-tanners, shoulder-tanners, stronger facial lamps and are fully air conditioned plus much more! Since these beds have more lamps and are much larger, you can sprawl out more and will receive the coverage of the standup with the comfort of laying. Tanning in a Ultimate is like tanning 3 times in a Premier bed.

Elite Tanning

You want the best? We’ve got you covered! Our Elite sun-beds will give you the deepest, darkest tan imaginable while keeping your beautiful results the longest. Tanning in our Elite is like tanning 6 times in a Premier bed. With our Elite sun-beds you see a deeper, richer tan, with fewer sessions.


UV-Free Tanning at Totally Tan & Spa is a fast and easy alternative to traditional sun-beds, providing an instant, uniform, natural-looking, Mediterranean result in less than five minutes. Trusted by celebrities, our premier Norvell Auto-Revolution booth makes your choice easy. Simply put, it’s the best booth on the market.


Red Light Therapy Stand Up

Red Light Collagen Therapy can help with the following:

  • Reduce or eliminate skin blemishes (Age Spots, Acne, Scars, etc.)
  • Patented Vibra Shape training
  • Boosts immune system by increasing circulation
  • and many many more here

The side-alternating vibration supports weight reduction, tightens the connective tissue and intensifies the light’s effects. For a younger appearance and a noticeably better feeling in your whole body.

Full Body Massage

Many people use massage as part of their healthy-lifestyle regime to help them relax, meditate, and manage anxiety. Coupled with Red Light Therapy for the face to give you an all over refreshed feel.    ...Learn more


Infrared Therapy

Ultimate Relaxation & Wellness for Body & Mind - A session in the Cocoon Wellness Red Pro has countless benefits, from weight loss and pain relief, to stress reduction and relaxation. Many of the benefits come from the infrared/thermal active energy that creates a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind, body, and spirit. The cocoon POD transforms every session into your own ultimate renewal wellness sanctuary.     ...learn more

Poly Rejuv Red Light
Poly Rejuv sets back the clock

Think of the Poly Rejuv as a more intense & deeper penetrating red light session.Want to appear younger, rejuvenate your skin, and reduce your wrinkles? Poly Rejuv uses high intensity red light. The high intensity Red light treatment helps to reduce the wrinkles and lines on your skin. It promotes skin repair and rejuvenates the cells, providing them with more energy to get to work repairing damage and even out your skin tone. Think of the Poly Rejuv as a more intense & deeper penetrating red light session.  ...learn more about Red Light on or Spa page

St. Anthony


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